Bansagar Control Board
  • Scrutinize the estimate of the project prepared by the Madhya Pradesh Government, advise necessary modifications and recommend the estimate for administrative approval of the Madhya Pradesh Government.
  • Examine and decide all proposals for preparation of designs and for obtaining expert advice.
  • Examine and approve from time to time the delegation of such powers, both technical and financial, as it may deem necessary for the efficient execution of the project to the Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer, Executive Engineer, and Sub-divisional officers engaged in the execution of the project.
  • Examine and, where necessary, lay down specification and schedules of rates for various classes of work with a view to sound and efficient execution of the project.
  • Approve all sub-estimates and contracts, the cost of which exceeds the powers of sanction of the Chief Engineer.
  • Lay down guidelines for the preparation of sub-estimates and contracts, which may be within the power of sanction of the Chief Engineer and other project Engineers.
  • Approve all proposals for award of work or supplies on contract other than those based on public tenders and on detailed quantitative estimates and works allotted on work order basis on scheduled rates.
    Note (1) Where total financial liability under a contract is definitely ascertainable at the time of placing the contract and where the contract itself is the result of a public or limited call for tenders, prior submission of the proposals to the Control Board will not be necessary, so long as the contract is otherwise within the powers of sanction of Chief Engineer.
    Note (2) This will not affect the powers delegated from time to time to the Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer, Executive Engineer and Sub-Divisional Officers.
  • Frame rules as to delegation of power and procedure for the purpose of carrying out its business.
  • Decide the programme of construction of different parts of the project in a coordinated manner keeping in view the funds available, the economics of the project and the desirability of obtaining quick results.
  • Examine the requirements of funds for the construction of works and other purposes for the execution of the project according to the program laid down by the Board and advise the apportionment of the expenditure to the three States, keeping in view the agreement between the States on the sharing of cost of the project;
  • Decide on the phased development of water and power and the withdrawals of water from the reservoir during the construction period for irrigation and power purpose with a view to securing best use of water available.
  • Decide the programme of resettlement of persons displaced as a result of the Bansagar Project works, scrutinize and approve the estimates of land reclamation and the expenditure incurred in resettlement and re-housing of the displaced persons including land acquisition and connected charges.
  • Receive monthly progress reports both as to work and expenditure in a prescribed form, from the Chief Engineer, review the progress of different units of the project and lay down steps to be taken to expedite the work.